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New! Farmer’s Market

The colorful outdoor market glows with the sun shining and people laughing. Samples of fresh, fragrant strawberries, orange wedges, crisp pears, and sweet cherries are in abundance. It’s refreshing and easy to shop as you sip on a glass of sweet lemonade and pick-out fruits that evoke fresh, sweet, and citrus-filled fragrance notes.

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New! Seaside Cottage

The ocean breeze is calm and quiet, the air is salty, and the sand is soft as you walk towards your quaint cottage. These tranquil, calm, and beautiful moments remind you of summers past spent boating, reading, and swimming. The air has notes of citrus with lime and orange that combines with a soft subtle floral and warm musk that swims in the cool breeze.

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New! Vineyard

Driving on dirt roads lined with grape vines is revitalizing. Embrace the quiet beauty and rustic elegance surrounding you. Inside the old, stone winery there is a sweet aroma of black and red currants, cassis, and strawberries matched by sweet rose and musk that fills this grand and yet cozy space. The fragrance and setting makes for a perfect, relaxed getaway.

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