Nomi Home

Cinnamon + Spice

Head to the kitchen to bake pies, tarts, and sip on cider as the leaves are falling outside.

Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon has a top note of tart green apples, fruity pineapple, and spruce needles. It also has rich cinnamon spice, cassia, clove, vanilla, and musk.

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Autumn Spice

Autumn Spice begins with creamy coco, vanilla, and sweet apple. It is further fragranced with cinnamon, cumin, and clove. It ends with peit grain, bois de rose, and bergamot.

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Bittersweet starts with spiced cinnamon, pumpkin, and vanilla. It is infused with oak and maple leaves with a juicy aroma of pomegranates, bittersweet berries, and orange zest.

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Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves has a citrus zest, green leaf accord, and cinnamon aroma. It is further fragranced with white muget, dried rose petals, and Egyptian jasmine. It ends with wood, golden amber, and soft musk.

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Harvest is a traditional favorite with its rich mixture os pumpkin, kitchen spices, and a hint of vanilla.

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Welcome Home

Welcome Home opens with spiced apple and pineapple. It is infused with rose, gardenia, cyclamen, and a base of cedar. It ends with musk and vanilla.

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